Native American Healing in the 21st Century

Circle of Life Series

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"Native American Healing In The 21st Century" A comprehensive look at the healing practices of American Indians and how many of those natural remedies are applicable to today's alternative health-conscious society.

Distinguished Awards:

- Best Inter-cultural Documentary

- International Cherokee Film Festival 2004

- Crystal Award of Excellence

- Communicator Awards 1999

- Telly Awards 1999

Ancient Remedies Now Endorsed by Modern Medicine 

This DVD looks at the ancient health and healing methods of American Indians. It discusses the invaluable contributions the Native Americans made to our early frontier heritage and shows how many of those same healing plants and herbs are an important source of today’s modern methods of maintaining health.

The point is clearly made that what has been effective for thousands of years may still be the best means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle today.  Learn from today's respected physicians the crossover of ancient Native American healing remedies to present-day medical practices.  Explore for Native American healing plants and herbs. Learn from tribal elders traditional healing practices and philosophies.  Discover the contents of a 350 year old Indian medicine bag.

Herbal healing remedies for:

Heart/Circulatory - Arthritis Female conditions  - Respiratory -  Asthma -   Skin Conditions - Digestive tract -   Sinus and more

Starring Gregg Howard
Produced by Steven R. Heape, Chip Richie   Written by Howard Fisher  Directed by Chip Richie

SexNo sexual references
LanguageNo bad language
ViolenceNo violence
DrugsNo drug use or references
NudityNo Nudity
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